These Are the Priciest Vintage Marvel Comics Ever Up For Sale

Published on September 16, 2021

"Marvel Comics" #1, CGC 9.0 -- $350,000

The recent explosion in the auction market for comic books has been due to the advent of the grading industry in the comic book industry. The reason behind the low price for the first Marvel Comic book, and the debut appearances of the Human Torch and Namor, is due to the highest graded copy sold only being a 9.0. Prices double for ever 0.2 after a 9.0, as a rule of thumb. And while there have been rumors that a copy of this comic selling for $367K, there are no trustworthy sources to back this claim. Given the fact that Marvel Comics #1 was sold in 2003, a higher graded copy will eventually overtake this one, just like All-American Comics #16 with Green Lantern’s first appearance. It’s not on the top 10 list, but if a 9.0 or higher graded copy makes it way to market, the price will skyrocket.