The Pixar Film That 90s Kids Love

Published on August 31, 2021

Toy Story (1995)

Once in a blue moon does a film studio ever get their first-ever feature perfectly right. Pixar immediately hit the ground running with a daring full-length animation movie entirely created with computer graphics. This was completely unheard of, especially in 1995 when the traditional mode of animation was traditional. It wasn’t just the animation that captured the audience’s attention, but the storytelling, wit, and maturity. The likeable characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear were introduced to us and even though they had polar opposite traits, they took us on a funny and thoughtful ride.

Even though Pixar has ventured into more technically advanced territory over the last couple of decades, the appeal of the original Toy Story draws me in to explore every nook and cranny of Andy’s room, for example. The detail is astonishing. The ability for Pixar to craft a living and breathing environment for their characters and stories is amazing. Toy Story remains the longest-running franchise for Pixar, just beating out Cars. Overall, it’s the relationship the toys have with each other and what brings joy to so many people. The 90-minute ride that Woody and Buzz take us through remains ever-powerful, even to this day. The film remains dazzling, funny, and satisfying just as it was back in 1995. The song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” still holds a special meaning and takes us back.