Greatest Comedies of The 20th Century

Published on August 28, 2021

Duck Soup

One of the most influential comedies from the 1930s was “Duck Soup.” The film's take on political satire still feels relevant to this day. “Duck Soup” starred the Marx Brothers who began making movies in the late 1920s. Each brother had a different style and trait that corresponded to a unique kind of comedy. Mute Harpo dealt with slapstick and absurd gags while Groucho was the fast-talker who mastered verbal comedy. Chico did funny Italian accents and Zeppo was the straight shooter.

The film had parts that barely connected to the plot yet were some of the best, like where Harpo pretends to be Groucho’s reflection in a mirror. “Duck Soup” is often touted as the Marx Brothers' best film and has gone on to influence some of today’s classic comedies like “Airplane!” and the HBO TV movie “7 Days in Hell.”